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Search, compare price, book, and receive results in our one-stop shop. The cash prices on Tripment Health may be lower than your health insurance co-pay.

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Connect with doctors online from the comfort of your home. No membership fees, no surprise bills, no insurance needed.

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Dawn Marie Aycock

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Diagnostic Imaging

Save big with our fixed, self-pay prices. Need a referral? We've got you covered there, too.


576 providers

CT Scan

434 providers


458 providers


426 providers


283 providers

PET Scan

14 providers


225 providers

No referral? We can help.

Most diagnostic imaging services require a referral. Let us help you find one!

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Lab Tests

From Anemia to Zinc and everything in between, we have the lab test you need at the price you can afford.

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Chlamydia Urine Test

Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD) that is typically easily treated with antibiotics.

Complete Blood Count

Complete Blood Count (CBC) measures red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin, and platelets in your blood.

Complete Urinalysis Test

Abnormalities in the urine could indicate a range of problems, from urinary tract infection (UTI), kidney disease, to other underlying conditions.

Comprehensive Female Panel

This panel uses the following tests to gain a broad overview of your health: CBC, CMP, UA, A1c, Lipid Panel, Iron, GGT, and Vitamin D.

Comprehensive Male Panel

A Comprehensive Male Panel (CMP) includes up to 14 tests that help doctors get a broad overview of your health.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

A Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) evaluates electrolyte balance and organ function, and is often used to screen for diabetes, liver disease, and kidney disease.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) IgG Antibody, Spike, Semi-Quantitative Blood Test

This test measures the levels of antibodies produced by your immune system in response to the COVID-19 virus.

Ferritin Blood Test

Ferritin is a protein used for storing iron in the blood.

Gluten Allergy IgE Test

The Gluten Allergy IgE test can determine if a person is allergic to gluten by looking for antibodies in the blood.

Gonorrhea Urine Test

Gonorrhea is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD) that can typically be treated with antibiotics.

View all lab tests

Look through our extensive list of lab tests and find a facility near you.


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Discover what’s new at Tripment Health, as we continue to expand our services and our reach to bring you the best quality care.

Why People Love Tripment Health

Prices are upfront and there are never any surprise charges

Tripment Health made the whole process of finding and getting the best rate for an MRI that was needed by my primary doctor a breeze!!! I wish I had known earlier about them and I would certainly recommend them for ALL future visits, whether you...

Cannot get over how easy this was!

Cannot get over how easy this was! I was so skeptical but I was so fed up with trying to get any help from my insurance company about copays/fees/coverage that I was willing to try anything. I was most sacred about the upfront payment ...

Best customer service I have ever had

Erika was so wonderful! She helped me find a next day MRI. I had problems using the website so she helped with that. Within less than an hour, she had got me a televisit not just set up but completed and my MRI was scheduled. She deser...

Everyone should know about this company

Tripment Health has been a convenient and affordable way to get the answers we needed. Everyone should know about this company! They provide affordable tests such as CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, and much more. Health insurance always has a back payment for you to&n...

Worked great, no hassle, great service

Who knew it was so easy to get an MRI? I waited months while my insurance company kept denying or delaying approval. I ended up using Tripment, booked an appointment at 8 pm for the following morning, got the results the day ...

I saved about 40% of the full price on my booking

Definitely helped to get a great price for the service. I saved about 40% of the full price on my booking. The booking process is very simple but a bit confusing as they’re new. Customer service is great. They followed up&nb...

You can definitely trust them with getting an appointment

They book for customers really fast, you can definitely trust them with getting an appointment and I forgot to mention very affordable.

They were very helpful and answered all my questions quickly and professionally

They were very helpful and answered all my questions quickly and professionally and even followed up with me to make sure everything was okay. That’s a breath of fresh air :-)

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