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How much does an MRI cost with or without insurance?

How much does an MRI cost with or without insurance?

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What is an MRI?

A diagnostic image created out of radio waves and a magnetic field that examines almost any part of your body. It is highly detailed and can provide your doctor with information on any abnormal internal tissue.

How long does an MRI take?

An MRI takes up to 90 minutes. In some rare cases, depending on the area of the procedure, it can last up to 2 hours.

The differences in MRIs, what can MRIs detect?

We understand it’s often hard to understand the procedures you’re getting. Constantly wondering, do I really need to spend that extra dollar on this procedure? What even is the difference between an open MRI vs. a closed MRI? We’re here to provide you with some clarity for those unanswered questions you may have!

What is the cost of an MRI?

How much does an MRI cost with insurance?

The cost of an MRI with insurance coverage ranges from $1,000 to $5,000. Copays are determined by your health insurance as well as deductibles.

I need an MRI but have no insurance...How do you get an MRI without insurance? (Out of pocket)

You can still get an MRI without insurance! MRI costs without insurance vary, but an average MRI cost without insurance is $650. The average cash price for MRIs is pretty high. At an inpatient clinic, you could end up paying $2,250. These procedures are too expensive. That’s why we created Tripment Health, where you can search on our site MRIs near you starting at $225! Don’t let MRI scan costs stop you from getting treatment! 

Why would a doctor order an MRI?

If a doctor is concerned about your internal tissue or wants to have a look at your joints through an arthrogram, they may ask for an MRI to be performed. 

Does insurance cover MRI expenses?

Yes, typically, an MRI is covered by insurance.

Where can I get an MRI scan, and how to save money on the cost of an MRI?

If you think you need an MRI or need to make an appointment with the doctor because you suspect you need one, be sure to visit for the cheapest place to get an MRI. On, you can: find affordable MRIs near you, compare which provider you prefer, schedule your appointments online, and get follow-up appointments after you get your results! 

Open MRI vs closed MRI:

A closed MRI is a diagnostic imaging machine that provides quick, accurate, and high-quality images of deep organ tissue. The patient is asked to lie down still inside the scanner during the procedure. Along with the narrow size of the machine and its loud noise, the patient may sometimes experience claustrophobic symptoms.

An open MRI is an open diagnostic imaging machine that provides lower quality images than a closed MRI but with considerable detail. It allows the patient to be in none lying positions and gives the technologists the ability to shift the position of the machine during the procedure. Open MRIs may also take longer than closed MRIs. They do, however, give off much less noise.

Open MRI vs Closed MRI cost:

The average cost of an open MRI is usually around the same price as a closed MRI. Typically the cost of MRI varies depending on the location and health insurance used. MRI costs with insurance are cheaper- however, MRI price has a habit of fluctuation, so asking how much does an MRI scan cost in one location will most likely always yield a different outcome in another place. 

What is a standup MRI?

A stand-up MRI is, like the name suggests, an MRI did when you are standing up. It allows the doctor to see any tension within your body exhibited only when a person is in a standing position. It also allows the patient to feel more at ease by exposing their head throughout the procedure.

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