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Book an affordable CT Scan of the Thoracic Spine near Ashburn, VA


Why choose us?

We’re simplifying the scanning process. Say goodbye to waiting lists as we offer easy referrals, and fast results—all conveniently bundled in one place and at an affordable rate.

  • No Hidden Fees

    All prices you see on Tripment Health are final.

  • Same day Appointments

    Subject to availability get your appointment schedule in as little as a few hours.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    If you do not receive your scheduled services, Tripment Health will provide a refund.

  • Easy Rescheduling

    Easily reschedule your appointment if something comes up.

No referral? We can help.

Most diagnostic imaging services require a referral. Let us help you find one!

Get a referral


How does it work?

  • Booking and Referral

    Choose the type of scan and a convenient location, then proceed with the payment to confirm the booking. Next, you will need to upload a referral or obtain it with the assistance of our specialists. After that, we’ll reserve the appointment for you and email to confirm.
  • Have Your Scan

    The skilled radiographers, sonographers, and patient care professionals at your chosen partner facility will address any questions and conduct your scan. Following the scan, the images will be processed and forwarded to a highly qualified radiologist for interpretation.
  • Get Fast Results Online

    We will email you when your results are ready. Access your Confidential Image Report by logging in to your account. There you can view, save and print your results.