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DEXA Scan in Akumin — Fleming Island

Akumin Imaging is the fastest growing provider of outpatient diagnostic imaging services in the country. We’re focused on helping today’s modern healthcare consumers become more active participants in managing their health. To achieve this, we leverage our combined clin...

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    • DEXA - Bone Density


    Akumin — Fleming Island

    Akumin — Fleming Island

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    4565 US Hwy 17S, Ste 150, Fleming Island, FL 32003

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    DEXA Scans are typically very quick, only lasting 10-20 minutes.

    A DEXA Scan shows your bone density — the amount of bone mineral present in bone tissue. Low bone density could indicate osteoporosis, a condition that weakens the bones.

    DEXA Scans are recommended for women aged 65 years and older, and men aged 70 years and older. If your bones show signs of osteoporosis, your doctor may want you to have follow-up scans every 1-2 years. However, your doctor may order a scan for you at any age, if you exhibit signs of a bone disorder.

    DEXA Scans are considered to be highly accurate. Results are typically considered to be within 1% of the patient’s true bone density.

    DEXA Scans aren’t typically used to diagnose cancer. However, it is possible for certain cancers to show up on these scans.

    A score of -1 or above is considered healthy and normal. Low bone mass, or osteopenia, is considered to be between -1.1 and -2.4. A DEXA score of -2.5 or below qualifies as osteoporosis.

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