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    Dr. Dawn Sparks

    Dr. Dawn Sparks, DO

    • Pain Management Specialist
    • Lihue, HI
    • 17 Years Experience
    • 4.6
      57 reviews
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    About Dr. Sparks

    Dr. Dawn Sparks currently owns, operates, and runs her private practice called Lighthouse Healing located on the beautiful island of Kaua'i. She serves on the Special Planning Committee for NANS and is honored to have been on this committee for over three years. Dr. Sparks has also published numerous chapters and journal articles. She has reviewed for journals and had articles in the NAN... 


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    Updated: February 2021
    • Video Consultation
    • Epidural Injection
    • Facet Arthropathy
    • Facet Disease
    • Vertebroplasty

    Provider Experience

    Pain Management Specialist
    Education and training
    Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH)
    Ohio University-Main Campus (Athens, OH)
    cleveland clinic main campus
    Languages spoken
    17 years
    Medical degree
    Doctor of Osteopathy (DO)
    NPI: 1700058559


    Lighthouse Healing LLC
    4366 Kukui Grove Street , 202, Lihue, HI, 96766
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      Lighthouse Healing LLC
      4366 Kukui Grove Street , 202, Lihue, HI, 96766


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    • 4.6
      57 reviews
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      Dr. Dawn is such a pleasure to be around! I am so thankful to her and her team for the amazing attention💕🥰 she made me feel so comfortable in my appointment. 100% recommend

      Belkis C.C.C. September 30, 2021