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    Dr. Manpreet Grewal

    Dr. Manpreet Grewal, MD

    • Psychiatry
    • New York , NY
    • 10 Years Experience
    • 3.9
      7 reviews
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    About Dr. Grewal

    Dr. Grewal moved to the United States from India when she was sixteen. After attending college in Michigan, she received her medical training from American University of Antigua and completed her residency at Albany Medical Center in 2015. Before joining the team at Skypiatrist, Dr. Grewal was the Medical Director and Chairperson at the HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley, where she over... 


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    Updated: January 2021
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    Provider Experience

    Education and training
    Medical School - American University of Antigua College of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine
    Albany Medical Center, Residency in Psychiatry
    Languages spoken
    10 years
    Medical degree
    Doctor of Medicine (MD)
    NPI: 1013200161


    34 3rd Ave, #171, New York , NY, 10003
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      34 3rd Ave, #171, New York , NY, 10003


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    • 3.9
      7 reviews
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      Dr. Buch communicates clearly and empathetically. I was delighted to have found him. Dr. Buch has many strengths, but the most important for me at the outset was his commitment to staying current professionally. In a world of ever evolving pharmaceutical options, he is always well-informed. With his guidance, I was able to comfortably taper off an overdosage of Ativan (a narcotic) medicine that had caused horrific withdrawal. He also found an anti-depressant that was a good match to my profile. Since he navigated me through these changes seven months ago, my life has improved sustainably and dramatically. I love the convenience of the online sessions. They are short but focused. The initial intimidation I felt about virtual care was immediately allayed by my first two visits to the Skypiatrist website, which is easy to learn! Scheduling appointments couldn't be faster.

      Jane B. March 03, 2020