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    Dr. Kali Nalamachu

    Dr. Kali Nalamachu, DDS

    • Dentist
    • Shawnee Mission, KS
    • 21 Years Experience
    • 4.5
      27 reviews
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    About Dr. Nalamachu

    Dr. Kali Nalamachu grew up immersed in dentistry. Her passion for it was instilled by both her grandfather (who was the first dentist in South India) and her father. Dr. Kali says, “As I focus on preventive care, interacting with patients and seeing their smiles is the best part about being a dentist.” Prevention is better than a cure. For the past 20 years, Dr. Kali has made Overlan... 


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    Updated: August 2020
    • Dental Cleaning

    Provider Experience

    Education and training
    New York University (New york, NY)
    Languages spoken
    21 years
    Medical degree
    Doctor of Dentistry (DDS)
    NPI: 1407937097


    Smiles 4 u
    14886 Metcalf Ave, Shawnee Mission, KS, 66223
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      Smiles 4 u
      14886 Metcalf Ave, Shawnee Mission, KS, 66223


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    • 4.5
      27 reviews
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      Dr. Kali is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! I have a severe phobia of dentists due to a prior horrible experience with a dentist in another state so I was very apprehensive. From my initial visit with Dr. Kali, she made me feel extremely comfortable and took the time to explain everything that needed to be done. She even takes pictures of the problem areas to show where the corrections are needed. Dr. Kali and her staff (Patty, Jessica and her dental hygienist ☺️) are very professional, super friendly and want to make sure you have the best experience possible.

      Lorius June 29, 2021