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    Dr. Isaiah Bercot

    Dr. Isaiah Bercot, MD

    • Psychiatry
    • Arvada, CO
    • 2 Years Experience
    • 5.0
      24 reviews
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    About Dr. Bercot

    I am Dr. Isaiah Bercot, a licensed psychiatrist located in the greater Denver area and serving all of Colorado via telehealth and in person appointments. My areas of specialty include ADD, ADHD, anxiety, panic disorder, insomnia, sensory processing disorder and depression including altitude induced and seasonal depression. I work with both children and adults. I take an individualized an... 


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    Updated: February 2021
    • New Patient Telepsychiatry Session - 40 minutes
    • Existing Patient Telepsychiatry Session - 20 min
    • Psychiatry Consultation
    • Psychiatry Follow-Up

    Provider Experience

    Adult Sleep Disorders, Anxiety, Depression
    Education and training
    Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania (Shippensburg, PA)
    The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (San antonio, TX)
    The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio - General Psychiatry Residency
    Languages spoken
    2 years
    Medical degree
    Doctor of Medicine (MD)
    NPI: 1255994638


    Denver Mind and Wellness
    5255 Marshall St., Suite 205, Arvada, CO, 80002
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      Denver Mind and Wellness
      5255 Marshall St., Suite 205, Arvada, CO, 80002


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    • 5.0
      24 reviews
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      Denver Mind and Wellness (DMW) is as wonderfully complex in how superlative they are as a healthcare provider as I feel that I am as a patient. My initial statement above is as much as you need to to read, however, as someone is both gifted and cursed with an ability to elaborate, the opportunity behooves me to do so (if you are interested in a vetted timeline of experience from when DMW first began). From the time I completed my very first encounter with Dr. Isaiah Bercot (Psychiatry, M.D.), I was bowled over with how impressive his 'bedside manner' was even though his field is one which has a reputation of being cryptic in regard to a patient/physician dynamic. At the time I promised myself that I would take the time to write a rave review wherever possible, as he had made a move to Colorado in the preceding months; building a new medical clientele is always time-consuming to be sure, but doing it during an international pandemic? Certainly an epic challenge. I am a female in her late-40's and have an advanced degree-education, and have struggled with feelings which I sensed were unusual from the time I could form sentences. I was diagnosed incorrectly with depression at 30, bipolar II mood disorder at 35, subsequently with Bipolar NOS. I fought to be tested for ADD (ADHD) in my mid-late 30's and ultimately was given the diagnosis. Even then, I wasn't managed properly. Only medicated. As "life" became more unmanageable in my 40's, I never felt I was being successfully treated. Only failing repeatedly in areas where others were successful, despite my having higher skill-sets and knowledge of practical application. Somehow, I continually struggled to perform. Enter Dr. Bercot. His modern and updated background of ADHD, paired with a sensitive ear to listen have been paramount in my feeling as though I am not a failure. Additionally, his patience in waiting until I was ready to tackle the issue was imperative. He responsibly aided in my needing refills throughout the COVID Pandemic, and he introduced me to a non-addictive sleep-aid to boot (I had been taking quite a lot of Tylenol P)! Please do NOT be detoured by how young Dr. Bercot appears, as he is wise beyond his years and has taken to heart and applies a positive approach to quell the any negative stigmas of modern psychology. If you are able to take the time and invest yourself into a new provider, he is your man. There is no doubt that his schedule will become very full quickly, so if you can lock your appointment in sooner than later it is my view that you do so ASAP! With much gratitude and sincerest thanks for Dr. Bercot, J. M. Vigil, M.Sci. Highlands Ranch CO

      Jami M.V. October 01, 2021