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    Lester Martin, ARNP

    Lester Martin, ARNP

    • Emergency Medical Services
    • Hialeah, FL
    • 4 Years Experience
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    About Lester Martin

    Lester Martin(ARNP) is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner in Hialeah, FL. He specializes in Emergency Medical Services as well as a variety of chronic disease ailments. He has been practicing since 2017, he received his RN license from Miami Regional University. He is affiliated with Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida. He looks forward to connecting wit... 


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    Updated: March 2021
    • Virtual Doctor Visit (New Patient)
      45 minute consultation
    • Virtual COVID-19 Screening
      20 minute consultation
    • Virtual STI Management Consult
      30 minute consultation
    • Virtual Chronic Disease Consult
      30 minute consultation
    • General & Systemic Health Consultation (Virtual)
      45 minute consultation to review lab work and address any additional health concerns.

    Provider Experience

    Emergency Medical Services
    Nurse Practitioner (Family)
    Thyroid Disorders, Adult Sleep Disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes, Congenital Heart Disease, Asthma, Anxiety
    Education and training
    Miami Regional University (Miami springs, FL)
    Languages spoken
    4 years
    Medical degree
    Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP)
    NPI: 1467047332


    Lester Martin, ARNP
    Telehealth Practice, Hialeah, FL, 33014
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      Lester Martin, ARNP
      Telehealth Practice, Hialeah, FL, 33014