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    Dr. Bruce Katz

    Dr. Bruce Katz, MD

    • Dermatology
    • New York City, NY
    • 38 Years Experience
    • 4.6
      144 reviews
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    About Dr. Katz

    Dr. Katz is one of the most highly regarded and sought-after board-certified dermatologists in the United States. He's a leading innovator who often conducts clinical trials on the most effective and up and coming cosmetic services in order to help his patients look their absolute best. He frequently shares his medical opinions on the top media outlets such as Cosmopolitan & Dermato... 


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    Updated: September 2020
    • Laser Vein Treatment
    • Botox Treatment
    • Filler Treatment
    • Laser Hair Removal
    • Laser Hair Removal

    Provider Experience

    Education and training
    McGill University
    Board certifications
    Board certified in dermatology
    Languages spoken
    38 years
    Professional memberships
    Castle Connolly New York Magazine Top Doctor
    Super Doctor
    Medical degree
    Doctor of Medicine (MD)
    NPI: 1154404895


    JUVA Skin & Laser Center
    60 E 56th St, Floor 2, New York City, NY, 10022
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      JUVA Skin & Laser Center
      60 E 56th St, Floor 2, New York City, NY, 10022


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    • 4.6
      144 reviews
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      I saw Denisse Serrano, PA-C a month ago for lip filler. I specifically went to her because of her natural results and her continued education, which was very important to me. She was so kind, personable and knowledgeable, the best bedside manner. Even when I reached out about a bruise that was there 2 weeks later, she reassured me that everything would settle in time. And she was right! Trust the process, trust your injector! My lips healed so beautifully, like the lips I was supposed to be born with. I love her, her work and cannot wait to follow up with her for further treatments. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to get cosmetic procedures done. Literally the best!!

      Natalie July 09, 2021