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    Dr. Varun Bhatia

    Dr. Varun Bhatia, MD

    • Family Medicine
    • Edison, NJ
    • 1 Year Experience
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    About Dr. Bhatia

    Dr. Varun Bhatia has been part of the Central New Jersey community for years. He is board certified in family medicine. He is board certified in family medicine. He is able to take care of newborns, children, adolescents, adults and the geriatric population. His practice has been built on referrals from doctors and hospitals, but most importantly by "word of mouth" from his patients, whi... 


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    Updated: August 2021
    • Sick Visit
      For patients experiencing cough, sore throat, ear infection, urinary tract infection, etc.
    • Prescription Refill
      No controlled substances.
    • Diagnostic Imaging Referral
      MRI, Xrays, ultrasounds

    Provider Experience

    Family Medicine
    Urgent Care Specialist
    Education and training
    Ross University School of Medicine
    Board certifications
    Medical Doctor
    Languages spoken
    1 year
    Medical degree
    Doctor of Medicine (MD)
    NPI: 1255855995


    Telehealth Practice
    Virtual, Edison, NJ, 08837
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      Telehealth Practice
      Virtual, Edison, NJ, 08837