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    Sarah Baxley, APRN, DNP, MSN, BS, RN

    Sarah Baxley, APRN, DNP, MSN, BS, RN

    • Family Medicine
    • Destin, FL
    • 10 Years Experience
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    About Sarah Baxley

    Accomplished N​urse Practitioner ​with ​10+ ​years experience in the hospital and healthcare industry. Known as trusted, empathetic, and extremely versatile leader who exceeds patient expectations.Passion for providing remarkable patient care through communication and understanding.


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    Updated: May 2021
    • Sick Visit
      20-minute consultation to assess symptoms such as cough, sore throat, ear pain, fever, etc.
    • Well Visit
    • Diagnostic Imaging Referral
      Referral for diagnostic imaging (including MRIs), and appropriate follow-up afterwards
    • Wellness Care
    • Annual Physical

    Provider Experience

    Family Medicine
    Education and training
    Medical University of South Carolina
    Duke University
    Board certifications
    Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner
    Advanced Oncology Nurse Practitioner
    10 years
    Professional memberships
    American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
    Arkansas Nurse Practitioner Association
    Medical degree
    Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)
    NPI: 1457706012


    Virtual Location
    Destin, FL, 32541
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      Virtual Location
      Destin, FL, 32541