Paresh Goel

Paresh Goel

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine in Scottsdale
Paresh Goel

Paresh Goel

Internal Medicine, Scottsdale, AZ10 Years of Experience

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Internal Medicine

Education and training

St John's University-New York (Queens, NY)

MS Ramaiah Medical College (Bangalore, India)

Brookdale University Hospital & Medical Center - New York (Brooklyn, NY)

Board certifications

Diplomate of American Board of Internal Medicine


10 years

Professional memberships

American College of Physicians

American Medical Association



Medical degree

Doctor of Medicine (MD)




Last update: September 17th, 2020




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    Trying to find a doctor has always intimidated me due to how daunting the process is. On a whim I decided to call Desert Mobile Medical and was instantly impressed by the fact I was speaking directly to the Doctor - not a receptionist or other clinic staff! I was pleasantly surprised by that! I explained my current situation and he immediately gave me peace of mind with how courteous and understanding he was. The registration process went smoothly and setting up my appointment was just as easy! He made accommodations for my schedule and I'm legitimately blown away by the level of respect and service for the patient I've already been shown! If you're like me and get anxious at the idea of calling a Doctor - Take a deep breath and give them a call! You'll be happy/relieved you did

    Joshua RyanOctober 20, 2020
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    Excellent service, quality care. Always attentive and very knowledgable.

    MaryLou BrownOctober 19, 2020
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    Dr Goel has been my medical provider for 8 months and he has been so supportive and helpful to me And my family it is awesome to be able to call him when there’s an urgent situation and have him be available and provide help he’s an excellent Dr in addictions medicine and I would highly recommend him Dr Goel provides custom medical service.

    Ariana BreslinOctober 19, 2020
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    I work at Lone Mountain Memory Care and frequently need physician orders quickly. It is always a challenge and it is a lot to ask a busy doctor to fill out all of the necessary paperwork. Dr. Goel went above and beyond for his patient to satisfy our need for completed paperwork for a quick move in. He was faxing information to us even on the weekend at the last minute. What a pleasure to work directly with the physician and not a staff member that doesn't understand the urgency or importance. He was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend his services.

    Barb SteinFebruary 28, 2020
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    My consumer has been with Dr.Goal for sometime now and he always goes above and beyond for all of his Patients. His bedside manner is not seen very much any more and we are lucky to have him as a doctor. He takes as much time as needed to make sure all my consumers questions are answered and all his needs are taken care of. If he's not in the home doing an appointment he is very quick to answer phone calls or messages in a very fast time frame to make sure all is going well. One time not to long ago my consumer got rushed to hospital I was frantic and was unsure of the situation I called Dr.Goal and he picked up on the first call and got me the answers I needed and also helped tremendously in the care of my consumer with the paramedics and hospital doctors. Its because of doctors like him that seniors are able to stay in there homes where they are more comfortable. He does in home office visits that alot of the time is much easier on the patient. If I could give him a higher review I would....... I would recommend Dr.Goal to anyone who wants a doctor that pays complete attention to you and takes the time needed to make sure you understand all your medical needs......

    Dawn TotenFebruary 18, 2020