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Affordable Imaging Centers Near Me

Affordable Imaging Centers Near Me

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MRI scan costs without insurance

MRI scans vary depending on what state you live in and what type of insurance you have. However, we have included a table with the average national cost price range for specific procedures. Keep in mind that these prices are without contrast. With contrast, sometimes you will be asked to add extra money to the original cost. These prices also do not include physician fees. Finally, keep in mind that some MRIs will cost much more than other MRIs. For example, a bone MRI would be much less expensive than a full-body MRI. 

Average national price range
$400 - $5,700
Lower Extremity  
$975 - $6,300
Upper Extremity  
$1,050 - $7,000
Breast (One Breast)
$500 - $10,300
Breast (Both Breasts)
$500 - $6,900
$410 - $6,300
$1,600 - $8,400
$410 - $2,100
$500 - $11,800
$430 - $6,500
$500 - $7,900
$1,600 - $7,600
Cervical Spine
$1,400 - $7,900
$500 - $7,600

With Tripment Health you can find affordable imaging centers near you at a lower than the national cost price range. Tripment Health partners with imaging centers nationwide to negotiate the best prices for you. For example, the cost for an MRI in Florida for some body parts start from as low as $360.

How to save money with affordable imaging centers near you?

The best cities for imaging scans near you

Some cities with the most affordable price ranges for MRIs or CT scans include:

  1. Los Angeles, CA
  2. Chicago, IL
  3. Miami, FL
  4. Phoenix, AZ

To find a more specific MRI imagining center near you, visit Tripment website. Here you the nearest imaging centers to you, as well as the different prices for each center. Then you will be able to weigh out the cost benefits of traveling some distances for lower prices. 

Most expensive cities for imaging scans near you

There is no exact standard cost of diagnostic imaging tests in America. Some cities have rates that are so high that the cost nearly halves when you look at the expenses from nearby counties. Cashlight Health recorded average prices of lower back MRIs in the 30 most populous U.S cities for outpatient services. According to their data, these are the current 10 most expensive cities and their average costs:

Average MRI Costs 
Milwaukee, WI 
Richmond, VA
Indianapolis, IN
Fort Wayne, IN
Raleigh, NC
Omaha, NE
Lexington, KY
Fresno, CA
Charlotte, NC
San Francisco, CA

Tips to save money on imaging center scans near you

There are a lot of different ways that you can save money on imaging clinics. 

1. Consider what type of diagnostic imaging you want to get

Sometimes, a cost-saving tip can come from the kind of procedure itself. For instance, you might think you want an MRI, but you might receive the same benefits from a CT scan. This is because CT scans have a lot of similar functions to MRI scans while also being cheaper and quicker. However, you should ultimately decide with consultation with your physician. The recommended test is necessary and would erase the need for follow-up tests like an ultrasound. Having fewer follow-up tests and appointments will minimize your probable cost greatly.

two doctors are checking mri scan picture

2. Consider where you are getting your test done

The prices can change dramatically from facility to facility. Specifically, whether you are getting your test at an inpatient or outpatient facility. Usually, an inpatient facility, a hospital, is much more expensive than an outpatient facility. The quality of the tests, however, is exactly the same. And sometimes, inpatient MRI locations will charge up to $5,000 more than outpatient MRI imaging centers. Also, even though a doctor might refer you to a specific center, that is not binding, and you can take the referral. So when you can decide where you can get your test done, consider outpatient facilities over inpatient ones. 

3. Do some research on the cost of imaging services in your city

Costs can differ a lot depending on your location. For example, if you live somewhere rural, fewer centers will be near you. This causes the cost to be higher than in the city. The average costs for imaging tests also differ from city to city. For example, the cost of imaging tests in cities like Sacramento, California, is nearly double the cost in other cities. 

4.  Use the healthcare marketplace that offers self-pay services without insurance

Tripment Health is a nationwide digital healthcare marketplace offering self-pay or high deductible patients easy access to affordable imaging centers. You can visit our Tripment Health website for an imaging center near you, as well as transparent prices for different tests in your region. 

Hopefully, this article has taught you some tips on how to save money on MRI and made you aware of an affordable MRI imaging center near you.

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