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  • Doctors
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Telehealth visit

  • Dawn Aycock

    Family Medicine34 years

    Diagnostic Imaging Referral

    Available today

  • Cynthia McNeill Ph.D

    Community Psychiatry4 years

    5.01 Reviews

    Medication Review

    Available today

  • Karla Robinson

    Family Medicine16 years

    Video Consultation

    Available today

  • Tyler Hendricks

    Family Medicine3 years

    5.03 Reviews

    Video Consultation

    Available today

  • Varun Bhatia

    Family Medicine1 year

    Sick Visit

    Available today

  • Rizwana Khan

    Internal Medicine12 years

    Video Consultation

    Available today

  • Edward Rakler

    Family Medicine18 years

    Sick Visit

    Available today

  • Ursula White

    Nurse Practitioner (Family)13 years

    5.04 Reviews

    Video Consultation

    Available today

  • Kerry Willis

    Family Medicine36 years

    4.375 Reviews

    Video Consultation

    Available today

  • John Wang

    Family Medicine7 years

    Virtual COVID-19 Screening

    Available today

  • Sandya Shivashankar, MD

    Family Medicine7 years

    Prescription Refill

    Available today

  • Aislinn Turner

    Nurse Practitioner (Family)2 years

    Virtual Birth Control Consult

    Available today

  • Michelle Deflorimonte

    Family Medicine4 years

    Sinus Headache

    Available today

  • Christopher Carniglia

    Family Medicine2 years

    Virtual COVID-19 Screening

  • Sarah Baxley

    Family Medicine10 years

    Well Visit

    Available today


In-person visit

Diagnostic imaging

Save hundreds or thousands on diagnostic imaging services by booking with Tripment Health!

  • MRI (without contrast)

    690 providers

    from $225or from $56.25 biweekly
  • CT (without contrast)

    503 providers

    from $200or from $50 biweekly
  • X-ray (without contrast)

    37 providers

    from $45or from $11.25 biweekly
  • Mammogram (Screening)

    3 providers

    from $133or from $33.25 biweekly
  • Ultrasound (Diagnostic)

    33 providers

    from $120or from $30 biweekly
No referral? We can help.

Most diagnostic imaging services require a referral. Let us help you find one!

Search for your prescription

Get discounts on brand name and generic drugs with Tripment Health’s discount prescription program.

Prescription discounts are available at over 70,000 pharmacies nationwide!

Rite AID

Lab tests

Purchase your own lab tests online and receive trusted, confidential results.

  • COVID-19 Test

    This type of test helps to diagnose whether you currently have an active COVID-19 infection.

  • Women's Health Blood Test

    This panel for women includes a thyroid test and everything that’s needed for a comprehensive look at overall health.

  • Men's Health Blood Test

    This panel for men includes a prostate health test and everything that’s needed for a comprehensive look at overall health.

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

    This broad panel tool includes 14 tests that evaluate your liver, kidneys, and more to provide a picture of your overall health.

  • Thyroid Health Blood Test

    This test can screen for specific thyroid conditions

Our test panels are being offered in partnership with:


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