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How to Get More Patients to Your Medical Practice - Top 30 Tips

How to Get More Patients to Your Medical Practice - Top 30 Tips

The technologically savvy patient is now employing digital channels to research symptoms and conditions, and will choose physicians they want to see based on reviews and what practitioners have to offer. In this article, we’ll go over 30 different ways to get more patients to your medical practice.
female doctor examining patient

What’s In A Title: Different Types of Healthcare Providers & What They Do

Choosing an experienced primary care physician is an important decision that can be both intimidating and confusing. In your search, you will probably come across providers who have different titles and hold different licenses and certifications that you may not fully understand.

What Is Direct Primary Care & How Does It Work?

Direct Primary Care utilizes the subscription/membership platform that many have become familiar with over the past several years and applies it to the healthcare setting where primary care physicians charge their patients a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription or membership fee.