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User reviews
  • Amy

    Cannot get over how easy this was! I was so skeptical but I was so fed up with trying to get any help from my insurance company about copays/fees/coverage that I was willing to try anything. I was most sacred about the upfront payment but I went to my MRI today and it was seamless. I walked in, told them my name/appointment time/test, then stated that «I had paid in advance» and the desk clerk said yes I see your receipt here. (HUGE SIGH) I will absolutely be using Tripment again and again and I will recommend them to everyone I know.

  • Eduardo

    This service was great and simple. I truly recommend it.

  • Ronda

    Erika was so wonderful! She helped me find a next day mri. I had problems using the website so she helped with that... Within less than a hour she had got me a televisit not just setup but completed and my MRI was scheduled. She deserves a raise!!! Best customer service I have ever had. She did in a few minutes what I had tried to accomplish with first a urgent care visit then even a Er visit. My primary care doctor never got around to sending my Referal inland she is out of state. All that and I got $25 off my MRI for being a new patient and A MRI FOR a total of $275 without even using my insurance! It would have been at least $1500 through insurance.

  • Kasey

    My sister and I don’t have insurance right now, and our out-of-pocket expenses for her labs and MRI imaging of her healing broken leg (in 5 places!) are really adding up, so I set out this week to try and find a quality Imaging service at a lower cash price... without a ton of confidence. Well, I couldn’t be more surprised and tremendously pleased since I came across! Their service truly provided my sister complete access to top quality, vital medical care at wonderfully discounted rates! And their customer service is incredibly helpful and committed to making it happen... Erika went above and beyond for us, not only locating the type of facility we need, but also finding one much closer to home than what was listed on the webqsite map. She even offered to provide a no-cost virtual referral if we couldn’t get one!!

  • James

    Tripment Health made the whole proess of finding and getting the best rate for an MRI that was needed by my primary doctor a breeze! I wish I had known earlier about them and I would certainly recommend them for ALL future visits whether you have medical insurance or none at all. Great people to work with and they are on top of everything and ask all the right questions. Prices are upfront and there are never any surprise charges, which can happen quite often with other providers.

  • Debbie

    Who knew it was so easy to get an MRI? I waited months while my insurance company kept denying or delaying approval. I ended up using tripment, booked an appointment at 8 pm for the following morning, got the results the day after with no problems. Paid $350 instead of the deductible on the $1200 my insurance would have charged me. Worked great, no hassle, great service.

  • Suresh

    Definitely helped to get a great price for the service. I saved about 40% of the full price. The booking process is very simple but a bit confusing as they’re new. Customer service is great. They followed up with me and clarified all my questions.

  • Cee Cee
    Cee Cee

    They book for customers really fast you can definitely trust them with getting a appointment and I forgot to mention very affordable.

  • Natasha

    Tripment Health has been a convenient and affordable way to get the answers we needed. Everyone should know about this company! They provide affordable tests such as CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, and much more. Health insurance always has a back payment for you to pay regardless that you have the insurance; just imagine being able to afford diagnostic tests at fraction of the actual cost and receive the results fast.

  • Tom

    They were very helpful and answered all my questions quickly and professionally and even followed up with me to make sure everything was okay. Thats a breath of fresh air :-)

Frequently asked questions

What is Tripment Health?

Tripment Health is a transparent healthcare pricing marketplace empowering you to find, book and pay for medical procedures and consultations online.

Our platform gives you the ability to easily search for doctors, compare prices, and schedule appointments without ever having to worry about surprise medical bills. We believe that healthcare can be done better, and it starts with price transparency and healthcare consumerism.

No Insurance, No Problem!

We’ve negotiated the pricing directly with the facilities — no need for an insurance plan!

High deductible health plan?

Most insurance plans require that you meet their deductibles before they help pay for MRI's — we give the real cost up front!

No balance billing!

Our service pricing is guaranteed! No additional costs apply!