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  • 11 Effective & Proven Patient Retention Strategies

    A long-term patient is one who returns to your practice, uses your services and follows prescribed treatments. It is these retained customers who have formed a relationship with their healthcare providers that are most likely to spend more than someone new...
  • How to Get Affordable Diagnostic Imaging

    Most Americans are under the assumption that in order to obtain an imaging scan you first need health insurance, a referral, and an appointment set by a physician. This is actually not the case. Many imaging centers are structured to be able to offer a flat rate for various scans...
  • Types of Mental Health Professionals - Which One Should You Choose?

    As the pandemic continues with no immediate end in sight, there has been an increased focus on looking at mental health during this unprecedented time. Many have lost loved ones and are experiencing bereavement and grief...
  • Digital Healthcare Trends to Watch for in 2021

    This year brought many changes, some of the most notable of which were in healthcare. In today's new world, searching out digital healthcare solutions is the new normal. It is an exciting time in healthcare as patients get the care that suits their needs, and providers are gaining valuable information.
  • The Need for Price Transparency in Healthcare

    It’s no secret most U.S. consumers are frustrated with the high cost of healthcare. In addition to $500 for the average outpatient visit, most inpatient stays run more than $22,000, resulting in this nation spending almost twice as much as the average developed country.
  • Tripment: A Digital Healthcare Platform to End Surprise Bills

    U.S. healthcare spending, the second largest expense in an average American household after housing, reached $3.6 trillion in 2019 and is expected to increase to $4 trillion in 2020. Each year in the U.S., high healthcare costs lead to bankruptcies, home foreclosures, and financial instability.