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Better health.
Transparent price.

Tripment Health is a nationwide digital healthcare marketplace offering self pay or high deductible patients easy access to quality, affordable care with transparent and upfront prices. Patients can choose from thousands of services and procedures including telehealth or in-person visits, diagnostic imaging services, discount prescriptions, lab tests, and more.

We believe that healthcare can be done better, and it starts with price transparency and healthcare consumerism.

For patients

Transparent prices

See every price upfront. Know the actual cost before you book your appointment.

Cheaper than insurance

Whether you’re insured or uninsured, get the same low self-pay rate that’s cheaper than insurance.

Weigh your options

Browse by procedure, specialty, and price to find the provider that works for you.

Interest-free financing

Interest-free financing options are available for all services or procedures booked on Tripment Health.

Never get a surprise bill

With upfront pricing on every service, you can be confident you’ll never get a surprise medical bill.

For providers

Fill open appointment slots

Don’t let appointment slots go unfilled. Fill last-minute cancellations or otherwise open time slots.

100% collection rate

Patients pay prior to services being rendered, so you can expect a 100% collection rate for every appointment booked through Tripment Health.

Same day payments

Tripment Health pays you the same day of the appointment. Never chase down a patient again for past due payments.

Minimize administrative burden

We’ll send you self-pay patients. With no claim filing and no billing hassles, your administrative overhead will be significantly decreased.

Tripment Health is free!

No subscription fees, booking fees, or processing fees. 100% free!

For payers

Leverage as front door access

Price transparency and surprise bill legislation is changing the way payers and providers inform patients. Stay ahead of the curve.

Direct API connectivity

Help care teams identify, triage, and successfully manage high-risk events in near real time.

Realized cost-containment

Reduce unnecessary spending by offering your members the ability to find and book transparently priced services.

Improve network adequacy

Expand the reach and quality of your network. Offer members more care choices closer to home.