What is Tripment?

Tripment is the first transparent healthcare pricing marketplace in the US to empower patients to find, book, and pay for medical procedures and consultations online. Our platform gives patients the ability to easily search for doctors, compare prices, and schedule appointments without ever having to worry about surprise medical bills; all while giving doctors a better way to connect with and serve their patients.

We believe that healthcare can be done better, and it starts with price transparency and healthcare consumerism.

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Tripment Opportunities

For patients

  • Know the price upfront

    See the actual cost of a procedure before you book your appointment.

  • Weigh your options

    Search by location to compare ratings and procedure prices for doctors near you.

  • Communicate with doctors directly

    Book appointments, have virtual visits, pay your bill, and follow up — all in one place!

  • Get financing support

    We offer payment solutions to help you afford the treatments you need.

Begin your search

For doctors

  • Get more patients

    Let our marketing power work for you!

  • Stay in charge

    Only list fees for the procedures you pick.

  • Manage your account in real-time

    Make changes to your profile from anywhere at any time.

  • Pay one fee for everything

    One subscription price. No upcharges.

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Information Privacy

Use Tripment with confidence - we keep your medical information private in adherence to HIPAA guidelines.

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Meet The Tripment Team

Our team is made up of highly-experienced and motivated individuals who feel passionately that access to health care can and should be made easier for all, specifically as it relates to price transparency and healthcare consumerism. Our mission is to improve the doctor-patient experience by equipping patients with the knowledge to make informed decisions, while providing doctors with the ability to serve their patients better.

  • Alex Radunsky

    Alex Radunsky

    Founder, CEO

  • Mark Friedgan

    Mark Friedgan

    Board Member

  • Chris Lally

    Chris Lally


  • Dan Rapoport

    Dan Rapoport

    Head of Investor Relations

  • Dan Raykhman

    Dan Raykhman

    VP of Engineering

  • Ephraim Monasebian

    Ephraim Monasebian

    Head of Product

  • Julia Radunsky

    Julia Radunsky

    Financial Director

  • Maxim Litvinenko

    Maxim Litvinenko

    Design Director

  • Evgeny Sokolov

    Evgeny Sokolov

    UX Designer

  • Arthur Bordenyuk

    Arthur Bordenyuk

    Technical Lead

  • Igor Deryabin

    Igor Deryabin

    Senior Frontend Developer

  • Denis Blokhin

    Denis Blokhin

    Backend Developer

  • Andrei Brizhinev

    Andrei Brizhinev

    Backend Developer

  • Rafik Ogandzhanyan

    Rafik Ogandzhanyan

    Technical Consultant

  • Mihail Babaev

    Mihail Babaev

    QA Engineer

  • Milana Rudinskaia

    Milana Rudinskaia

    Marketing Associate

  • Andrey Svetlov

    Andrey Svetlov

    Branding Associate

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