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Diagnostic imaging FAQs

No. In fact you get better deals going through Tripment Health than your insurance company.
Tripment Health partners with a high quality imaging center to get you the best price for your radiology scan in your area. No insurance companies, no additional overhead cost, no surprise bills!
No. Tripment Health was created on the notion that no patient should ever receive a surprise bill again. The rate you see upfront is the rate you get. There are no additional charges during the appointment or after.
It depends on which kind of scan you are getting.
  • MRI Scans: Some providers do not require a physician order if the MRI is done without contrast.
  • CT Scans: Yes. All CT scans require doctor referral.
If you do not have a physician referral, Tripment Health can arrange it for a fee as low as $25-45.
Your doctor ordering your MRI should be well versed in your entire medical history. For example your doctor should be aware of:
  • Past and current medical conditions (Aneurysm, pacemakers, pregnancies, etc.)
  • Past and current medication history (Allergies to medications, blood thinners, etc.)
  • Past imaging services you have had done.
Referrals written by medical professionals with an NPI number will be accepted at Tripment Health.
Please note it is at the discretion of the facility to accept your referral.
Hospital based radiology departments are profit focused. These departments have the ability to bring in alot of money for the hospitals. Therefore, hospitals tend to buy the most expensive MRI equipment in order to charge insurance companies more money per patient. Tripment Health eliminates the costly middleman, i.e your insurance. We are partnered with outpatient centers whose focus is on quality and affordable prices. These centers buy cost effective equipment and save on billing costs by accepting cash payments.
Typically surprise bills that come after your radiology services are sent to patients because their radiologist interpretation is not included in the cost of service. At Tripment Health, whether you are getting a mammogram, MRI, ultrasound, or CT Scans, all of our radiology service prices include interpretations (i.e CDs, reports, notes).
Tripment Health has developed strong relationships with our partnering Imaging centers. We leverage these relationships to ensure that Tripment Health patients get the best quality for an affordable cost. Advantages of using Tripment Health:
  • Quick scheduling
    No waiting on the phone for hours or waiting months for scans. Tripment Health schedulers can get you in for your appointments sooner.
  • Protection
    Tripment Health protects you from common issues that self pay patients often deal with like, upcharging, unbundling codes, and frivolous charges.
  • Medical Necessity
    Before scheduling your appointment, our specialists closely review and protocol each referral internally. By doing this we ensure that everything ordered is medically necessary. For example some diagnostic centers require patients lab work before a CT scan simply because it is convenient. When scheduling through Tripment Health, imaging centers cannot do this for our patients unless the lab work is deemed medically necessary.
  • Ease and Peace of Mind
    Tripment Health has highly skilled schedulers, whom are able to quickly resolve referrals without needing the patient to spend time going back and forth with their referring doctor. We save you time and ease the process for you.
If this happens please contact our patient success team for assistance with your refund. You can reach our patient success team directly through our chat function located on the main page or by email using .
The location of your imaging center will determine the COVID protocols you must follow. All imaging centers also follow different guidelines and will inform you of all safety protocols before your appointment.
With contrast, means a certain type of dye is injected into the body prior to the scan.
Without contrast, means no dye is injectected. Scans without contrast are typically preferred for patients who are pregnant or kidney-compromised.
Your referring provider will determine which type of scan is appropriate for you.
Email us your questions at and we will take care of you.
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