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Comprehensive Male Panel

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A Comprehensive Male Panel (CMP) includes up to 14 tests that help doctors get a broad overview of your health.

  • Age: 18+

The tests in the Comprehensive Male Panel are used to screen for a variety of health conditions that most commonly affect men, including heart disease, diabetes, and prostate cancer. This panel is designed to give you a broad overview of your health, hormone and cholesterol levels, and metabolism. Studies show that early screening can save lives — this panel screens for a wide variety of diseases and cancers that are often treatable when discovered in their early stages. 

The Comprehensive Male Panel includes all the tests in the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, as well as the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Test, Complete Blood Count, Lipid Panel, and Hemoglobin A1C Test

It also includes a DHEA Sulfate Blood Test, which screens for adrenal and testicular cancers, and a Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Blood Test, which screens for prostate cancer. Your provider may ask you to fast for 8-12 hours before sample collection. 

What is a Comprehensive Male Panel?

The Comprehensive Male Panel works by collecting a blood sample and running several tests and panels to assess organ function, hormone levels, and screen for certain cancers. 

Why would my doctor order a Comprehensive Male Panel?

Your provider may order a Comprehensive Male Panel as part of a routine wellness exam, to get a broad view of your overall health. 

When should I order a Comprehensive Male Panel?

A Comprehensive Male Panel is most frequently ordered as part of an annual wellness exam. You cannot take a Comprehensive Male Panel at home — this test can only be administered by a medical professional at a licensed testing facility. 

How do I read the results of the test?

Once you receive the results of your Comprehensive Male Panel, you will need to consult with your provider. Only a medical professional can advise you on the results and direct you towards follow-up steps if necessary. 

Do my results change with age?

Your Comprehensive Male Panel may change with age, as hormones, metabolism, and cholesterol levels often fluctuate as we get older. 

What should I expect at my appointment?

There are no special requirements for a Comprehensive Male Panel. Your provider will draw a blood sample from a vein in your arm. Comprehensive Male Panel results typically take 3-5 business days to process. 

How much does a test cost?

The cost of a Comprehensive Male Panel listed on Tripment Health is transparent and final — you will never be asked to pay additional fees at the testing facility, or receive a surprise bill down the road. 

Where can I find an affordable Comprehensive Male Panel near me?

Tripment Health has partnered with nearly 7,000 lab test facilities across 48 states. Finding a Comprehensive Male Panel is easier than ever. Add the lab tests you need to your cart, then select a testing facility conveniently close to you. 

Quest test codes: 899, 5363, 6399, 402, 496, 7600, 10231


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Price does not include the Physician Service Fee () and the Lab Collection Fee ($9). These non-refundable fees cover the ordering and oversight of lab tests and follow-up services when appropriate.

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Lab Tests FAQs

No. At Tripment Health, we focus on providing transparent healthcare services to uninsured or under-insured individuals. We’ve negotiated prices directly with lab test facilities to make diagnostic lab panels available to individuals who would rather pay directly than go through a private or government-sponsored insurance carrier.

No. By purchasing a blood panel, you will not be able to submit any claim, bill, or other request for reimbursement to any insurer, third-party payer, or government health program. However, you can use your FSA and HSA card. 

You will receive a payment confirmation email, then an additional email confirming your appointment details (time and location of appointment, and QR code). You will need to present your QR code at the testing facility to check in.

No. One of our physicians will order the panels for you.

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